Sandwich training in the Basque Country doubles the number of recruitments for training and learning in its second year of implementation.

233 participants
in 2019.

The Basque Country’s HEZIBI Sandwich Training Programme, on which the Department of Employment and the Department of Education work together, allows businesses to have students who are in their second year of Vocational Training, with some of the teaching processes being transferred to the businesses. 233 participants have completed this course this year, compared with 126 from the 2012-2013 academic year.

Profiles that meet
the needs of the business

Thanks to the HEZIBI programme, Basque companies are given the chance to have professionals with profiles that are fully suited to their own needs and processes, resulting in improved production capacity and competitiveness because they, together with the vocational training centre, are responsible for the training process, optimising the integration and specialisation process of new professionals in the company.

Establishing this relationship between the business and student strengthens the latter’s motivation and commitment and enables them to acquire transversal skills to their technical training in a work environment (teamwork, innovation, adapting to change, etc.). Skills that have a direct impact on their professional and personal development and which will be decisive and serve them as an asset and ensure that they achieve comprehensive academic training and adapt to the business environment and enable better professional integration within the organisation.

Companies from the industrial sector in Gipuzkoa are still the most heavily involved in the HEZIBI programme. Companies that want to gain highly specialised professionals who play a part in the development of innovative and advanced products.

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