Development Of e-Learning Content

In the current circumstances, many organisations require a suitable method for sharing content with their customers and employees, without having to worry about where they are.

In ZubiGune, we produce e-learning content that has great educational value and a high level of interactivity, making it possible to develop online courses, training pills or tutorials that are customised or tailored to your organisation, to help improve your processes and achieve the highest level of productivity.


If you have the material to develop the content, our team adapts it for training purposes and virtualises the documents provided, converting them into attractive e-learning content.

If you do not have the material, our experts can develop the content to suit your organisation’s needs.


We have SCORM content to be hosted on your LMS or, if you do not have your own platform, we provide suitable hosting.

Authoring tools

We are experts in Articulate Storyline 360, one of the best authoring tools available on the market for developing content that is highly interactive, dynamic, visually attractive and fully adapted to the device on which it is being displayed: PC, Tablet or Smartphone.


Each project has its own special features, but our initial approach includes the following phases:

  1. Definition of needs
  2. Development or adaptation for training purposes of the content
  3. Presentation of the script
  4. Content virtualisation
  5. Checking and testing
  6. Delivery of the project

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