About Us

The ZubiGune Foundation is a private non-profit organisation that is the result of a partnership between businesses, the Usurbil Vocational Training Centre and technology centres, committed to increasing cooperation between the various stakeholders involved in the technological and social development of our region.

This partnership is the realisation of an old ambition: to create an institution that is solely devoted to ensuring that any research conducted supports and reaches our SMEs.

The ZubiGune Foundation is essentially focused on a business environment which often fails to harness the technological advances achieved by our research centres in a timely manner, and this is something we believe that we can improve through training, raising awareness and promoting projects.

Mission and Vision


To help promote and develop Continuing Training and Lifelong Learning in any professional field of Vocational Training and Certificates of Professional Competence.


Zubigune’s vision is to be a collaborative space, a bridge between technology centres, vocational training and businesses.

The ZubiGune Foundation’s culture is based on bridging the gaps between knowledge, know-how and action.

Our goals

The ZubiGune Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was set up at the wish of the founders and it pursues the following goals in the public interest:

  • Promoting and developing Continuing Training and Lifelong Training in all of the aforementioned Professional Fields, aimed at the unemployed and professionals in the public and private sectors, through classroom or online training.
  • Innovation services for business owners, microenterprises and SMEs.
  • Helping to improve the competitiveness of business owners, microenterprises and SMEs.
  • Advisory services for economic promotion and business stimulus.
  • Meeting the training requirements of teachers and education centres in the Basque Country, the rest of Spain and other countries.
  • Organising exchanges between teachers and students and other organisations with similar characteristics from the Basque Country, the rest of Spain and other countries.
  • Managing the demand from businesses to hire young people.
  • Designing proposals to update and improve initial training in the Professional Fields.
  • Developing specific workshops and training for women who are at risk of exclusion or vulnerable, to promote gender equality.
  • Promoting the social and professional integration of people at risk of exclusion and facilitating the social and professional integration of immigrants.
  • Participating in cooperative initiatives with other Spanish Autonomous Communities, European regional communities and American countries, aimed at developing southern regions and countries.
  • Through training and other initiatives, implementing actions focused on protecting children, adolescents and young people, social services, social integration, gender equality and care of dependant adults.
  • Vocational training services for employment, with the aim of plugging the training gaps of prisoners and improving their professional qualifications, thus facilitating their social and professional reinsertion and aiding their reintegration.

Annual reports

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Foundation´s board:


Chairman: Patxi Vaquerizo
Vice – Chairman: Jesús Mª Gómez (INSTAGI)
Board Member: Ana Ugalde (Cámara de Gipuzkoa)
Board Member: Mikel Sarriegi (ADEGI)
Board Member: Daniel Castander (DOMUSA)
Board Member: Iñaki Mujika


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