What is ZubiOrganic?

ZubiOrganic is one of the ZubiGune Foundation’s lines of action.

It is a training and experimentation space born out of a combination of ZubiGune’s experience in managing and providing vocational training and its knowledge of the techniques and technologies which, together, form the Circular Bioeconomy.

Why is ZubiOrganic necessary?

Based on the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, combined with the efficient use of Energy, Water and Biological Resources, the aim of ZubiOrganic is to train people through internships and the dynamic transfer of knowledge, to give them the skills that the Sustainable Economy and Green Jobs require.

How does ZubiOrganic meet its objectives? Where is ZubiOrganic?

There are many related subjects in our Circular Bioeconomy project that are included in the training provided by ZubiOrganic, whose facilities are in the town of Lasarte-Oria.

To develop innovation and continuous experimentation, we have Circular Bioeconomy facilities that are used for testing and practical training and they have 2 sustainable aquaculture crop systems in water, one a freshwater line and the other a brackish water line, an aquaponics system for growing vegetables without soil, a vermiculture-based WWTP system, an insect farming system for the biological management and recovery of non-industrial organic by-products and a system that manages energy through the implementation of renewable energy sources for the Circular Bioeconomy.

To transfer knowledge about all of these processes, the techniques used and the systems involved, ZubiOrganic provides specific training. Additionally, it also includes training on more cross-cutting topics, focused on the sustainable economy market, in areas such as green management and marketing, technical consultancy services or support and guidance services for businesspeople, among others.

In addition to classroom training, remote training is also provided through an e-learning platform.

When does ZubiOrganic start?

We are preparing the facilities to welcome our first groups in 2020 and, once they are open, we will be able to hold visits, courses and conferences for a wide range of profiles, from farmers to hospitality professionals, fitters to schoolchildren and industry professionals to people who want a career change. A space for everyone, for the creation of green, sustainable jobs that are aligned with the Circular Bioeconomy market.

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