Migrants Take Care (Erasmus+ KA204, 2018-2021)

Improving the social and professional integration of migrant care workers

There is a growing shortage of employees in the care service sector in Europe. Therefore, hiring migrants for care work has significantly increased in many European countries. However, migrants are often employed on a semi-legal or even illegal condition, partially because they are missing a formally recognized certificate in the host country or partially because they have never been formally trained for care work.

ZubiGune Foundation was coordinator (leader) of this project which was co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The main objective of Migrants take Care was to enhance the social inclusion of migrants from a particularly disadvantaged background into employment within the care service secto.

Together with our European partners, we created a cualification description and training materials in three areas:

  1. Skills Assessment and Empowerment Tools
  2. Intercultural competences and knowledge of caring for elderly.
  3. Work-based language course

The training material can be downloaded here: Migrants take Care Training Toolkit

The work based language online course is offered on an online platform and developped in all partner languages. The course is free but needs previous registration. Please contact with ZubiGune to obtain the access.



The project team set up an employment guide for these organisations (businesses, public administrations, charity organisations, etc.) that provide home care service and are interested to employ migrants legally. The guide explains the steps to follow when hiring an unemployed and undocumented migrant without officially recognized care qualification for all partnter countries.

By independently analyzing and bringing together the information relevant to the structures of the public and private care service sector as well as the existent services offered in residential and individual care, the partnership delivered a Country Specific Analysis

Furthermore, each project partner identified examples of good practice in their region: Success stories and good practice

This project was coordinated by ZubiGune (leader) and implemented together with European partners from Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), Germany, Italy and Greece.

Find more information about the project on the project webpage:


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