Proposal for training in energy saving
and efficiency for technicians from the public sector and other sectors

Promotion and implementation
of renewable energies.

The recent coming into force of Basque Autonomous Community Energy Sustainability Act 4/2019, of 21 February, obliges the administrations of the historical territories, including their related entities and subsidiaries, and the local institutions of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, i.e. the city/town councils and associations of municipalities to fulfil the duties and obligations that have been established to promote energy saving and efficiency measures and promote and implement renewable energies.

The scope of this Act includes the buildings, facilities and vehicle fleets of these entities and establishes, among other things, the specific deadlines for fulfilling the obligations related to energy management and energy saving and efficiency, the installation of renewable energy generation facilities, the consumption of renewable energies, the purchasing of vehicles, etc.

Although the articles of this Act establish that it requires regulatory development, it should be noted that the obligations established within it for the administrations to which it applies define a roadmap with milestones that they must meet.

Technical training

This Act establishes a training plan designed for technicians from the public sector and other sectors who will be responsible for actually implementing the provisions of the Act, so that they can better understand the obligations and duties that must be fulfilled and to provide appropriate technical criteria when it comes to fulfilling them.

Our proposed training blocks:

  1. Energy management / Kudeaketa energetikoa
  2. Renewable energies in buildings / energia berriztagarriak eraikinetan
  3. Energy saving and efficiency in buildings / aurrezpena eta eraginkortasun energetikoa eraikinetan
  4. Alternative fuel vehicles / Ordezko erregaiak erabiltzen dituzten ibilgailuak
  5. Street lighting / Argiteria Publikoa

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