Short specialisation

Who are they designed for?

The specialisation courses are designed for various technical profiles, whether undergraduate students, vocational training students or professionals who want to refresh their knowledge in various specialities. They last for around 30 to 40 hours and are held in our facilities in Usurbil and Lasarte.

Why are they High Impact Courses?

They all share a highly practical focus, as the students acquire the necessary knowledge through lectures but also through practical workshops. Some of these courses include technical visits to real companies or facilities together with the installation technicians, meaning that they bring true added value.

What certificate will I receive when I finish?

When you have successfully passed the course, you will receive the certificate issued by the ZubiGune Foundation, certified by the CIFP Usurbil and including details of the course duration and programme. It will help you to progress in your future career and consolidate your knowledge and experience.

How can I enrol?

If you are interested in a specific course, we advise you to contact us to find out when places are next available by emailing or calling 943 36 46 00.

Our Admissions Team will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with further information and assess your application.

Cursos de

Confiando que la situación ante el COVID-19 haya mejorado y se permita realizar esta actividad, este verano estamos impulsando los siguientes Cursos de Especialización:

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