Renewable Energy Training Programme for students and teachers of the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE, Florida, USA)

Together with CIFP USURBIL and in conjunction with TKniKa, the Zubigune Foundation signed a collaboration agreement with FLATE (Florida Advanced Technological Education Center) to develop a Renewable Energy training programme for students and teachers. The programme took place between 12 May and 2 June 2012.

This followed on from a visit by a delegation of industry, educators and administrators from four Florida community universities and colleges to the facilities of CIFP USURBIL in July 2011. The visit allowed them to understand the vocational training methodology followed in the Basque Country and, more specifically, the workings of CIFP USURBIL’s renewable energy park and facilities.

According to Marilyn Barger, the Executive Director of FLATE, the aim of this programme was to expand the partnership between the training programmes of the two governments (Florida and the Basque Country) and broaden the technical knowledge of students from FLATE.

The training programme lasted for 3 weeks, during which they studied: solar PV and thermal energy, biomass, hydraulic power, automated systems and, based on their area of interest, the students were able to complete and present a final project.
Additionally, they enjoyed various fun outings and even exchange workshops with students from CIFP Usurbil, promoting intercultural cooperation.

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