Erasmus+ Projects

Vocational Training Mobility Projects (KA1)

We send and receive students.

Together with the CIFP Usurbil LHII, the foundation supports the vocational training mobility projects of students and teachers.

But we not only send students to European countries, we also receive students and help them to find internships in our local businesses. We are currently collaborating in this way with a German vocational training centre in Wiesbaden (Friedrich-Ebert-Schule Wiesbaden) and other vocational training centres in Iparralde.

Strategic Partnerships (KA2)

ZubiGune is involved in Cooperation and Innovation Projects with partners across Europe. The transnational Strategic Partnerships are designed to develop initiatives in one or more areas of training and education, to promote innovation, the exchange of experience and knowledge between the different types of organisations involved in education, training and youth and in other relevant fields. These mobility activities receive support to help them to meet the project’s activities.

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